Yah IsReal Music

Reggae Artist Based in Scotland

Year                                   Activity

2022                                 Music Sales and Events

Full Site Design and Development

My Goal:

This Client was looking to expand the reach of his music out of Scotland and Jamaica. The goal was to ultimately keep his portions of his sales that were going to large names music sales sites. The client also loved the idea of having all of his lyrics on his site where they can be easily accessed.

What I've Done

Search Engine Optimization

The Client was looking to reach more listeners around a larger area by being at the top of Google searches.

Song Lyric Integration

After speaking with the client, we decided having his Lyris to all of his songs on his site would be very beneficial.

Front End Design

I was looking to modernize the look and feel of a music site that was created in 2022 while also linking back to the clients Scottish heritage.

Custom CSS & Javascript

Adding to the look and feel, ive added a few eye catching designs utilizing Babel and SCSS.

Upcoming Events

The Client is able to easily edit the upcoming shows that he is performing at.