Ukrainian War Relief Effort

Year                                   Activity

2022                                 War Relief for The Ukraine Conflict

Full Site Re-Design and Management

My Goal:

This Client contacted me to take over the current site that they had. It was previously un-managed and very out of date. The Client wanted the site to look more professional and to have a faster response time for page loading.  

What I've Done

SEO Optimization

The client was looking to draw more traffic to their site after going live.

Fast Page Loading

The biggest concern of the client was the page loading. Previously it was very slow due to un-needed plugins.

Front End Design

The previous site had alot of design flaws. This would cause traffic to leave shortly after visiting.

Custom CSS & Javascript

Adding to the look and feel, ive added a few eye catching designs utilizing Babel and SCSS.

Client-Consultant Design

I worked very closely with this client in order to achieve the exact vision they were looking for.