Misfit Lighting Solutions

LED Horticulture Lighting Company

Year                                   Activity

2022                                 Horticulture Lighting Company

Full Site Design / Development and Management

My Goal:

This company had contacted me i hopes of having cheaper upkeep costs compared to Wix. The client was also hoping for more customization of the site compared to Wix. The company was looking to swap over to WordPress to meet these needs.

What I've Done

Custom Light Calculators

The Client was looking for a way for their customers to calculate the power consumption of their lights before they are bought. A customer is able to enter information based on the lights and the calculator displays the wattage to expect.

Email Transfer

The client had pre-existing email accounts and groups that needed to be imported into the new website without losing the old emails.

Full Site Design

The client was not happy with the Wix design of the site. I was tasked with designing a sleek dark design for the company to move away from the bright color scheme.

Custom Image Galleries

The Client was looking for a way to display past customers outcomes with the lights. We agreed that having an image gallery that was searchable by each light model was the best route.

Light Wattage Calculators