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Custom Sticker and T-Shirt

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2022                                Custom Sticker and T-Shirt Printing

Full Site Design / Development and Management

My Goal:

This Client contacted me to set up a website for his new company. He previously had been doing all of his business on Instagram and Email. The Client wanted the design to match the look and feel of his company without overshadowing anything currently in place

What I've Done

Custom Cost based on quantity

The Client was looking for a way for their customers to order bulk stickers and having the cost scale along side of those.

Company Email Setup

The client had no pre-existing email accounts or groups and was wanting to have a support email system to help with customer outreach.

Eye Catching Design

The client wanted to match his current artistic design of his logos and other media that was created for his company by an artist. I matched his colors and feel of his company.

Customer Image Uploader

The Client was looking for a way for their clients to upload custom images that could be printed into stickers or onto apparel.

Custom Image Uploading

I have received the utmost customer service and support from Steven. He has answered all my calls for help and fixed things in a very timely manner with professional results every time! Built my website from the ground up and continues to work with me to improve it, always offering his services and time if it's needed!
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